Warranty Information



Your new home has a limited (1) one year warranty from Concept Builders, Inc.  The Concept Builders one year limited warranty is not transferable if the new home is sold within the first year of ownership. It is the policy of Concept Builders, Inc. to consistently provide courteous and effective warranty service within a timely manner after the request has been made in writing, depending on material availability, weather conditions & labor conditions.


In the back cover of this manual, please find the Concept Builders Warranty Service Request Form. We would like to ask that you make a list of all warrantable items (non-homeowner maintenance) on the Concept Builders Warranty Service Request Form during the first (30) thirty days after you are moved and settled in your new home.  After this (30) thirty day period, you may mail the Concept Builders Warranty Service Request Form to our corporate office or complete and email this form found on our website at www.conceptbuilders.net.  It is also the policy of Concept Builders that no warranty requests can be submitted to our sales associates or our onsite construction superintendents. Written requests and documentation submitted to our corporate office ensures that we provide outstanding service while tracking and monitoring all warranty items for each new home.


If at anytime after you have submitted the Concept Builders Warranty Service Request Form, you find that you have other warranty needs during the first year, we ask that you submit them in writing on plain paper or via email at our website. All warranty service requests must be either mailed to our corporate office (address noted above) or faxed to the corporate office at (336)228-3200.  Please be sure to include full address and telephone information.  If you have access to the internet, you may wish to visit our website at www.conceptbuilders.net and submit your warranty request by following the warranty info link on our homepage.

Once your request is received at our corporate office, it is processed and forwarded to the Concept Builders warranty supervisor.  The warranty service supervisor will then contact you to set up a time to visit your home and address the items on the Concept Builders Warranty Service Request Form.  Given the time it takes to receive the request and process it, it may take 7 to 10 business days for the warranty supervisor to contact you.  Once the warranty items are complete, the warranty service supervisor will notify the office and we will send a follow up postcard to you to ensure the work was completed to your satisfaction.


In order to ensure the best possible service for all new homeowners, all phone calls will be limited and restricted to those pertaining to 1) emergencies as noted in your homeowners manual on page 2, 2) information about procedures relating to warranty service 3) to monitor warranty items not properly handled by a subcontractor.  If a situation is life threatening, please call 911 immediately.


 If you have any questions regarding our warranty procedures, please do not hesitate to contact us.