Purchase a Concept Builders Home

I want to purchase a Concept Builders home, what do I do now?

The home buying experience can seem a little overwhelming to some, especially to first time home buyers.  We would like to explain our process to you to make purchasing your new home a more enjoyable experience.



The first step in any home buying experience is to consult with a lender for pre-qualification so that you will know the price range of the home you wish to purchase.


Purchasing Your New Home

Once you have selected the home you wish to purchase from us a purchase agreement and various addenda will be written up.  Concept Builders can work directly with you on this or with your realtor should you choose to use one. You will be provided with copies of all completed paperwork for your records.


Loan Process

If you are purchasing one of our completed homes, it usually takes the bank 30-45 days from contract date to close (barring any extenuating circumstances).  You would need to present the offer to purchase to your lender and proceed with a conventional or FHA/VA loan (depending on your circumstances).  You will also need to schedule the closing with a closing attorney based on the closing date given to you by the lender.  Concept Builders can suggest an attorney if you don’t have one you standardly use.  The lender will also communicate with us to obtain information they need from the seller to be able to process the loan.  If you have a realtor, they will advise you how to proceed with getting information to the lender.  If you do not use a realtor, we will communicate with the lender directly.


Homeowner Orientation


A homeowner orientation will need to take place prior to closing, at which time a representative from Concept Builders Inc. will meet with you and any realtors involved at the home to demonstrate the features of your new home, discuss the maintenance of your home and review the limited warranty process.  See Homeowner Orientation for detailed information on this process.  We will contact you or your realtor to schedule a date for this.




Caring for Your Home

At the homeowner orientation, you will be provided with a manual that outlines the limited warranty provided by manufactures of the components of your home, Concept Builders Inc. warranty period/procedures and a listing of items considered to be homeowner maintenance.  See Warranty for the proper procedure to submit/document warranty items for repair.


Our goal is to provide you with a product you will be proud to call home!

In order to improve our products and service, we will be reaching out to you after the closing to ask for feedback on our performance.