Homeowner Orientation

Before each new home is closed, Concept Builders, Inc. conducts an orientation session with the new homeowner and a representative of Concept Builders Inc. in order to provide you with important information about your new home and its surrounding community.  If a real estate agent has been involved with your purchase, he or she is also welcome to attend the orientation.  A reresentative of Concept Builders, will be conducting your orientation on your new home, and a representative from our sales team will also be present for the orientation.


We usually prefer to schedule the orientation about 7 to 10 days before closing, and as that date approaches, we will coordinate an appointment with you and Mr. Collins. This schedule allows for ample time in order to complete any items noted before you move in.  Please allow up to 90 minutes for your orientation and arrange your plans so you can use the full amount of time allotted.  If you are delayed more than 20 minutes and miss the appointment, please contact our office as soon as possible to reschedule.  Appointments are available Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 3:00 pm.


Your homeowner orientation is an introduction to your new home and its quality features.  Past experience has shown that the orientation is most beneficial when buyers are able to focus all their attention on their new home and the information presented.  Although we appreciate that friends and relatives are anxious to see your new home, it would be best if they visit a little later.  Similarly, we suggest, that if possible, children and pets not accompany you at this time.  At the new home orientation, we want to accomplish two things. We want to educate you about the use and care of your home and its systems. We also want to confirm that the home meets the quality standards shown in our models (described in your purchase agreement). To do this we ask that we all stay together as we go through your home room by room and use a three-step procedure.


First, in each room we will begin with a demonstration of any features that need to be demonstrated such as light switches, appliances, and the heating/cooling thermostat.


Second, we will discuss your maintenance responsibilities and our warranty commitment. The information we are going to cover is included in your homeowner’s manual and the manufacturer’s materials you will receive. You do not need to try to memorize every detail; you can always look up information later when you need it.


Third, we will look at each room together. The representative from our sales team will make notes of any items we see that need attention, and then will ask for your comments or questions. If you made a list of your own of things to check on, we can review that room by room as we go through. We want to check for cosmetic details that may need attention such as chips on a countertop or a broken window.  These items are good examples of damages which need repaired or corrected by Concept Builders prior to the closing.  Repairing damage caused by moving in or living in the home will be your responsibility as the homeowner.



Listed on the next few pages are the items that Concept Builders will be going over with you as we walk your new home.


✅House Numbers
✅Property boundaries
✅Water meter and street shutoff
✅Electric meter and main shutoff
✅Gas meter and main shutoff
✅Telephone connection
✅Cable TV connection
✅Final grade complete
✅Drainage, slope, swales
✅Backfill settlement
✅Downspout extensions or splash blocks
✅Installation of landscaping and placement of soil from holes dug for fence, shrubs
✅Erosion excluded from limited warranty
✅Outside faucet protection, remove hoses
✅Property Boundary Lines/Corner Irons
✅Water & Sewer Locations
✅Sprinkler procedures
✅Deck care
✅Exterior GFCI outlet
✅Cleaning Gutters
✅Window Weep Holes

    Importance of Cleaning

✅CAUTION: direct vent fireplace
exhaust cover gets very hot
✅Outside lights
✅Paint or stain maintenance
✅Caulking a maintenance item
✅Siding or stucco
✅Trim and shutters
✅Exterior Doors
✅Protection of exterior concrete slabs
✅Seal cracks to prevent water
✅Remove ice and snow
✅Protect drive and walks from road salt
✅Homeowner association design review for changes or additions

✅Walls, ceiling, floor, trim
✅Operate and confirm entry light
✅Check operation of lights
✅Confirm front door condition


✅Walls, ceiling, floor, trim
✅Doors and doorstops
✅Switched outlet

    • Condition and operation
    • Lock operation
    • Screen removal
    • Manufacturer warranty on seal
    Wax or silicone to lubricate

✅Adjustable registers
✅Keep cold air returns clear
Doors, shelves, rod

Attic Access

✅Caution about walking in attic and not
disturbing insulation, stepping through ceiling
✅Not for storage
✅Can see daylight through the required vents


✅Call attention to stringer, probable affects
of shrinkage


✅Setting and basic operation

Living Room

✅Walls, ceiling, floor, trim
✅Window and screen
✅Switched outlet
✅Effects of humidity and shrinkage

Dining Room

✅Wall, ceiling, floor, trim
✅Window and screen
✅Confirm chandelier

Family Room

✅Walls, ceiling, floor, trim

    • For atmosphere, inefficient as a heat source
    • Demonstrate damper and combustion air
    • Discuss glass door use
    Demonstrate gas pilot procedures if applicable

Laundry Room

✅Window and screen
✅Light fixture
✅Shelves or cabinets
✅Connections, drain cover, dryer vent
✅Run a couple of cycles with washer empty
to clear lines and repeat at all water sources
✅Floor covering, will receive number for


✅Display manufacturers warranties and
other items delivered
✅Buyers to review items noted on
✅Time frame for completion of items
✅Sign forms and buyers to receive their
✅Review procedure for warranty

✅Wall, ceilings, floor, trim
✅Door, doorstop and privacy lock
✅Window and screen
✅Sink and faucet

    • Run water to check stopper

✅Flush toilet
✅Water saving features
✅Tub and spa point jets, access
✅Shower including diverter, enclosure
recommended squeegee
✅Run Fan
✅Caulk and grout maintenance
✅No abrasive cleaners


✅Walls, ceilings, floors, trim
✅Window, screen or patio door
✅Range or cook-top and oven

    • Check all burners
    • New appliance odor
    • Cost of self cleaning and steps in
    • operating
    • Energy Savings
    • Caution about using chemical oven
    • cleaners
    • Avoid self cleaning chrome parts
    • Confirm broiler pan is included
    • Oven door removal
    Cook-top grease catcher


    • Filter clean or replace
    Size of bulb


      • Run water, check hot water temp

Check sprayer
Demonstrate how to clean aerator
Keep countertop dry


      • Run briefly
      • Reset button or wrench
      • Run cold water while operating
      • Clean blades by grinding ice cubes
      • Freshen with baking soda or citrus
      • rinds
      • Avoid stringy items such as celery or
      • corn silk


      • Confirm racks and basket
      • Discuss settings, energy savings
      • feature
      • Rinse aid dispenser
      • Confirm that water is on, operate unit
      • New appliance odor


      • Care and cleaning
      • Demonstrate adjustable shelves
      • Confirm doors, drawers, shelves and
      • hardware


      • Caution about cutting, hot pans, and so on
      • Effects of shrinkage
      • Effect of excess water on seams

✅Floor Covering

      • Caution about moving appliances
      • Glides on furniture legs
      • Cleaning methods and some products to avoid
      • Caution about excess water

✅GFCI locations, remind about freezer in GFCI
receptacle, this outlet not a dedicated outlet


✅Breaker panel

      • Demonstrate procedure to reset tripped breaker

✅GFCI circuit NOT FOR FREEZER or opener
✅Check operation of overhead door
✅Locate garage door opener
✅To install opener, reverse latch

      • Installation by others voids warranty

✅Slope of garage floor
✅Seal cracks in slab
✅Door to house and closer

      • Combustion air
      • Gas shutoff
      • Demonstrate how to light pilot
      • Explain thermal coupler
      • How and when to change filter
      • Fan safety switch, reattach door securely
      • On/Off Switch
      • Electric fuse-have extra on hand
      • Air conditioner condensate line
      • Odor when new or after not being used

✅Water heater

      • Combustion air
      • Gas shutoff
      • Pilot and thermal coupler
      • Water shut off
      • Pop off valve
      • Flue HOT
      • Drain at bottom to remove sediment
    • Temperature control


As noted in the conclusion section on the previous page, all parties will review the list once the orientation is completed.  Items needing attention were noted during the orientation, and Mr. Collins will resolve each of these items before you move in.  We will ask that you return to your home one day prior to closing to verify that all items specified on the orientation form are complete and to your satisfaction.  If all items from the orientation list are complete, we will have you to sign a form stating such.  If there are any items on the orientation form that still need attention, we will ask you to list them so that they can be attended to immediately.  This second visit is mandatory and we will not be able to close on your home if the sales agent is not able to get your signature stating the home is to your satisfaction.


As you are getting settled in, you may notice a couple of details that need attention.  Any new items, beyond those we noted at your orientation, will be addressed by our warranty department.  To make this as convenient as possible and to maximize our efficiency, we suggest that you keep one of our warranty service request forms handy (one will be provided to you at closing in you homeowner’s manual) and jot down items as you notice them.  Many homeowners keep a copy of this form in a kitchen drawer or on their refrigerator.  As you will read in you homeowner’s manual, service appointments are available Monday thru Friday from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.  Depending on your availability, these items are usually completed within 10 working days.   We ask that all warranty service requests be submitted in writing and can be sent to us via US Mail, fax (336-228-3200) or our website (click here).


Certainly, if you experience an emergency, please call our office at (336)228-0490.  If an emergency occurs after normal business hours, use the emergency phone numbers located in your homeowner’s manual.  In the case of a life threatening emergency, call 911 immediately.


Hopefully, this explanation of the orientation has let you know what to expect.  If you have questions about your home, the limited warranty coverage, or your new community, please make a note to discuss them at the orientation.  Thank you for choosing Concept Builders, Inc. as your new home builder.  Your new home is beautiful, and I know you will enjoy it for many years to come.