Build a Concept Builders Home

I want Concept Builders Inc. to custom build my home, what do I do now?/strong>

The decision to build your dream home is a great one, but can be somewhat daunting. We would like to help make it a little less so.



The first step in any home buying experience is to consult with a lender for pre-qualification so that you will know the price range of the home you wish to purchase.


Purchasing Your New Home

The custom build process is different than purchasing an existing home in that you get to make all the decisions-what plan to build, what products to use, etc. Concept Builders would schedule a meeting with you to determine what you are looking for in your new home and will recommend plans to suit that need or we can work with plans you may already have. Once a plan is decided upon, the selections for what goes in the home will need to be made (from plumbing & HVAC to flooring, countertops, paint etc.). We will give you a list of the suppliers we use and you will need to schedule with them to visit their facilities to make your selections. Once all selections have been made and we get pricing back, we will generate the final sales price for your home. If necessary, adjustments can be made in selections to get the price adjusted. Once a final sales price is agreed upon, a Custom Home Agreement will be created to be signed by both parties. Please keep in mind that this whole process can take a couple to several months to complete depending on how long it takes to work out all the details and get all the selections made. Once construction starts it will take approximately 5-7 months to complete.


Loan Process

When building a custom home, we would require a construction loan (which allows us to get draws throughout the building process) rather than a conventional loan which just pays a lump sum at the time of purchase/closing. Concept Builders would need an approval letter from your lender prior to construction starting.


Homeowner Orientation


A homeowner orientation will need to take place prior to turning the home over to you at the end of construction, at which time a representative from Concept Builders Inc. will meet with you and any realtors involved at the home to demonstrate the features of your new home, discuss the maintenance of your home and review the limited warranty process.  See Homeowner Orientation for detailed information on this process.  We will contact you or your realtor to schedule a date for this.




Caring for Your Home

At the homeowner orientation, you will be provided with a manual that outlines the limited warranty provided by manufactures of the components of your home, Concept Builders Inc. warranty period/procedures and a listing of items considered to be homeowner maintenance.  See Warranty for the proper procedure to submit/document warranty items for repair.


Our goal is to provide you with a product you will be proud to call home!

In order to improve our products and service, we will be reaching out to you after the closing to ask for feedback on our performance.