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  Warranty and Home Maintenance

If you are a new owner of a Concept Builders home, please carefully review your Warranty and Home Maintenance Booklet given to you at the day of closing. This booklet discusses items such as the limited warranty policies, subcontractor contact information, and the responsibilities of the homeowner in regards to maintaining the home.

Service requests under the warranty must be submitted in writing from the Homeowner either via email or by mail to the address below. Homeowners can expect authorized service work to be completed within thirty (30) working days unless otherwise notified. Construction or sales personnel are not permitted to perform warranty work in homes at Homeowner's request without first obtaining authorization from the Company. Any emergency situations must be directed to the subcontractors as listed in the Warranty and Home Maintenance Booklet.

Mail warranty service requests to:

Concept Builders, Inc.
Attn: Warranty Department
PO Box 2507
Burlington, NC 27216

  IMPORTANT NOTICE: If you have an emergency situation with your home that presents an imminent danger or harm to persons or damage to the property, you should immediately contact emergency service personnel (e.g., fire department) or the relevant utility provider (e.g., gas company, electric company, etc.), as appropriate.

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